Resonant Visions

"To see the World in a Grain of Sand... and Heaven in a Wild Flower... To Hold Infinity in the Palm of your hand... And Eternity in an hour"

William Blake - from Auguries of Innocence

Natural environmental forms are my inspiration for designing - Murals Wall Paintings Garden Art and Silk Painting for fashion, with the aim of reflecting Paradise which means a perfect garden.  Plants and flowers all have a variety of geometric forms all formed and related to designs of the universe.  All the geometric patterns within natural forms which I work with are a reflection of the variety of patterns existing in nature, which are echoes of the electric universe.  Current focus is on seeds and pods.

Wood Painting

Natural form designs in Acrylic and Emulsion on plywood, MDF or recycled wood for paintings and murals.

Wall Painting

Murals now painted on large boards 4f x 4ft, 4ft x 6ft, to commission. Fitting and framing service provided if needed.

Silk Painting

Designs hand painted on silk with professional steam fixed dyes. Totally fast. Commissions taken.
Photographs can be purchased in full size resolution and up to 55 inches wide. Please enquire (To be marketed in future when paper/material decided). Mural commissions taken for any image, or adaptation thereof.