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28 Oct



Patterns of light on water are like music;  with waves, rhythms and vibrations.

All energy is light. All light is energy.  A brilliant physicist who wrote about this was Walter Russell who clearly determined all life and our existence is the energy of light waves.  He was interesting because of his skills in painting graphics to augment his understandings.

Walter Russell

Physics of light energy

The University of Science and Philosophy

Compendium of work based on Walter Russell philosophy and physics.
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Dan Winters - visionary of the new physics - connecting human life force with the electric universe seen and unseen.

Our own electric field from heart generation, corresponds to that of the formation of natural forms, like pinecones in spiral formation.  Winter's past work has explained how the DNA is the shape it is, the energy-shape of life, as in the medical symbol of twin spiral caduceus, and how life forms from a vortex (bliss/conception).  See phase conjugation, collapse/implosion and fractal charge page with beautiful graphics video of DNA as perfect receiver.  The new physics includes zero point energy 'energy from the vacuum'.  Gravity (by itself) does not exist, only by the balance of the unseen force with the matter of Earth which creates the Shumann Resonance.

Diagrams in video show the resonant field array of Earth.  Winter's forthcoming film will show the resonant energies of Earth in relation to consciousness of beings.

Credit: Dan Winters
09 Oct

Photo Galleries

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All photos are the author's and many will be made available as large wall art in due course. I use some photographs of nature, especially seeds for textile design, currently in silk painting for my ethical fashion bespoke craft business Shamanic Nights   The author's design philosophy is under Post: Resonant Visions Design

Beach and waters edge is a favourte subject

Gallery link
Gallery link

Trees and forests always provide surprise views

Gallery Link
Gallery Link

Flowers are my own grown if cultivated, or wild flowers from trips.

WPPB Image Addons
WPPB Image Addons

Designs with Seeds and Pods

Nigella Pod
08 Oct

Value of Valerian

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Valerian flower is delightful and prolific on walls, its preferred habitat.  Known for thousands of years as a medicinal calmer and is mentioned in Hippocrates journals.

Valerian likes walls. Dartmouth.

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) root and rhizome are used; see ingredients 

often for sleep inducement, a natural source of 'valium'.

13 Jul

Resonant Visions Design

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Design Philosophy

I observe the many ways in which nature has already worked out the most harmonious construct in its forms for us to admire.  As such, my work falls into the traditional design category of offering the harmony of the natural environment in designs to enhance our everyday experience; photographs and designs which give focus on the essence of form and place as an aid to keep our spirits in resonance with the natural world.

Seeds to Scenery

COSMIC DESIGN - Harmonies and patterns between the minuscule and the magnificent are embedded in the wonderful energy field patterns of nature seen in flowers, seeds, shells, pinecones and more. If we time lapse a plant growing, it does so in spiral form, just as the solar system is travelling through the galaxy; the planets spiralling around with the sun. [link]

The energy hub from centre of flower to bulbous creation of seeds at the centre, is the power of the torus energy from the vortex.

My current design theme is exploring layered possibilities with natural forms and patterns over landscapes and seascapes to create new patterned ambient environments; on silk and wood.

Textile Design
Designs from Photographs
Photography Trips

Is nature the best medicine?

With popular art, commercially viable art has to be valued by the majority of people. Most people want to see 'pleasant' 'nice', 'pretty' representations of the world, which is why nature photography and floral textiles are perennially popular; because nature always shows balance of design and textiles tend to use balanced designs.

We can consider what is good resonance for public consumption; be it something natural which pleases us by its reminder of the natural world or of abstract ideas which portray a vision: then we might say by comparison that art which does not have an inspiration from 'beautiful vision' lacks a philosophy which might be important to communicate - and ultimately to enhance society in any era.

Is art for the people or as self indulgence for the artist?

Art is made when the artist resonates with a perception and wishes to express it.  We can ask if there can be a point at which such expression has little or no quality to resonate with viewers:  whether it is a 'good' or 'uplifting' visual experience, (usually the case for decorative art) or whether it represents the human condition, often expressed as 'angst', as in poetry and theatre.

Art - How is vision valued?

All art is a synthetic representation of the real world, as seen or felt by the artist.  However, if we hold that art with a powerful resonance to move people inspirationally is beneficial to society, then we can suggest that 'Synthetic' art may be considered as having been made with no real 'vision' to resonate inspiringly with others.

Postmodernism has had a strange influence on art which has come to light in exhibitions and public sculpture.  Philosophy and war times have influenced art which will be discussed in separate post. 

[Note:  Which symbols of civilisation and knowledge will survive as great art? Video music art is currently working in the Symbolist tradition with fantasy landscapes and symbols from a mythological past, looking to a fantastic future journey in the cosmos.]

Photographs can be purchased in full size resolution and up to 55 inches wide. Please enquire (To be marketed in future when paper/material decided). Mural commissions taken for any image, or adaptation thereof. [Note for author: 'You can enable/disable content protection from Theme Options and customize this message too'].