Flowers Intro Gallery

Flowers are author’s own grown in back yard or allotment vegetable garden, other than those in wilderness settings, which have a charm of their own having found their ‘place’ naturally.

Flowers which form interesting seed heads and pods will be featured in Seeds and Pods Gallery: such plants have many common names: such as Nigella Damascena (Love in a Mist/Ragged Lady/Devil in a Bush) and Salsify Tragopogon porrifolius (Common Salsify, Oyster plant, Vegetable Oyster, Jerusalem Star, Jack go to Bed, Goatsbeard)

GALLERY:   Tulips  *  Narcissus  *  Rose Madame Alfred Carriere *

To add ..  Apple Blossom  *  Monarda  *  Salsify  *  Nigella * Osteosperman  *  Chickory and more

[Site under construction… D R A F T Galleries]

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