Shapes of Flora

Flowers Intro Gallery

Flowers are author’s own grown, other than those in wilderness settings, which have a charm of their own having found their ‘place’ naturally.

A rose is a rose is a rose…

Intro Gallery… Tulips – April 2020  *  Narcissus – April 2020  *  To add Galleries…  Apple Blossom  *  Monarda  *  Salsify  *  Osteosperman  *  Rose Madame Carriere  *  Chickory

[Site under construction… D R A F T Galleries]  Many to add… Decide on gallery type per Menu item/1/2/3 etc.

  • Grid page intro OR Gallery columns ‘flower specific’ OR Full screen fit>show next
  • Project Narcissus – gives fade background as well as slide show featured flowers. USE for tulips.
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