Tulip Star Forms

Dancing Tulips – Spring 2020 -Gallery below

Autumn planting of many tulips bring a joyful backdrop to early spring. First to appear were the brightly coloured magenta Doll’s Minuet and Purple Doll whose flowers begin to open as soon as they appear at leaf base.  At 6 inches, they stretch open their petals into star forms in the sunlight, with delightful waves of petal turning as the light changes throughout the day.

Of the ‘Persian carpet’ pointy design style, scarlet Tulipa Aladdin is the brightest scarlet with petals edged in yellow. Similar pointed petalled varieties followed: a pale yellow Tulipa Sapporo and a Tulipa White Triumphator, some with dark inner markings.  All stay open for weeks.  On their last day of opening, they stay open permanently then shortly afterwards the petals drop.  Also star-shaped is the very large flamboyant Greenstar, up to 8 inches diameter when fully open: a fresh spring charm on tall stalks.  Petals have charmingly twisted scalloped edges.

White Mountain is fully multi petalled, with rose appearance; green under petals and yellow centre. it takes many days to open out fully, starting curled up, gradually stretching its petals.

Viridflora types :Tulipa Purple Doll (purple) –Tulipa Dolls Minuet  (magenta).  lily flowered type Tulipa Greenstar.  Tulipa AlaDdin Scarlet.  Tulipa White Triumphator. Double petalled Tulipa White Mountain.

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