About the Author

Crafts Inspirations - Exploring colour, shape, line and organic structure patterns - through photography and drawing for: Silk Painting - Wood Painting - Garment Making

Photography Interests

The vista of place, the sublimeness of nature (the poet’s view); the harmony of the many aspects in landscapes in both vast scenic colourations as well as the microscopic – the close up pattern detail, often like stars: the symetric cycle of birth and the dissolution of decay.   Imagery elements from nature can often be a metaphor for aspects of life – the Tao.

Pattern Details in Growth and decay

Lichen and Moss fascinate me for their take-over of the forest floor, growing in shade, at home on dead wood or rocks; whereas flowers need the vibrant light so their colours can attract pollinators.

Flowers, for their geometry; predominantly circular and spiral pattern formation.  Pods and Seeds because they include both interesting sculptural growth patterns, as well as texture and colour of decay,  whilst simultaneously representing the germ of new life – the cycle of nature.

Shell shapes for their organic adaptation to creature and water, and rock pool seaweeds which cling on like moss; all in harmony with their environment.

Organic Continuum

The effects of TIME is an important consideration in photographs –  be it fresh geometric flowers, rocks, or decaying wood.  Entropy is just as interesting to the eye – a reverse process of creation – as fascinating as new growth.

Materials Continuum

The crafting of old things into new is appealing to my philosophy.  For that reason I use all second hand furniture and love to give wood a new life with a paint treatment and design decoration.  The manufacturing of things to be discarded at an end life, seems a waste; one which never occurs in nature.

Like cycles in nature, discarded clothes start a new life when combined with other discarded fabrics.
Ladies’ bespoke garment making with recycled printed fabrics absorbs me because of the thrill of arranging complimentary colours and designs in a new order, to create something I would never have thought of.

Creative Skills and Experience


Painting on Furniture and Murals

Plywood mural boards – garden art wood- refurbishment of furniture items with well prepared surfaces and paint coats.  Additional surface design decoration.  Any of these photographs can be copied or adapted to create a mural board.

Engraving and distressed effects on wood.

25yrs experience


Excellent drawing skills.  Any subject to commission.

Pet portraits from photos, Furniture decoration, Murals

Current design work focuses on floral and geometric.

Excellent floral, botanical and geometric drawing and painting skills.


Inspirations for prints

This site was created to showcase my photography, which I incidentally use for design inspirations.  I only use mobile camera which gives me all I need for painting ideas.  Trees, shoreline, rivers, flora.
Design experience gives me a good ‘eye’ to ‘frame’ shots, many of which are suitable for products like calendars, notebooks or trays. Current mobile camera allows for some up to 50 inches original images (48 pxl camera) which I plan to offer as prints on canvas or hemp for jackets.


Bespoke garments

Fashion – Patchwork dresses and kimonos.  Alterations.  Quilts.

Fashion making since teenager.

Commissions taken for special occasion dresses.

[Home Furnishings and Marine Upholstery experience]



Studio and Freelance Textile Designer

Home furnishings – botanical – architectural – geometrical – half-drop repeat designs ready for printers.  Sold at international trade fairs.  1990-95.    Some A2 painted designs available for purchase.

Now designing for silk painting in garments

Degree Printed Textiles and 5yrs solid full time experience.


Hand Painting of own designs on Habotai and Ahimsa silk for adding to garments and quilts.

Steam fixed dyes, no runs, thoroughly washable. Pre-dyed with natural plant dyes.

Textural backgrounds. Batik effects on silk

Extensive procedures on fashion blog.

Contact:  amelia-jane-hoskins@protonmail.com

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