My Mission

Highlighting Natural Design through Photography and Art

Seeds to Scenery – Harmonies and Patterns between the minuscule and the magnificent embedded in the energy of nature

The current challenge I set myself is to create designs exploring  themes of natural forms and patterns, overlaid with each other, to create a new abstraction through techniques, on silk and wood.

A lover of wilderness, trips to coast and forest give me photography inspiration – scenes of nature appreciated just as they are – in their natural formations which provide subject matter to use in design work.

Early drawing gave me an insight into the fascinating structure of plants; a structure perfected by nature’s evolution, which cannot be improved upon. Harmonies are always within each plant as it resonates in spiral growth within the energies of the cosmos – ‘as above so below’.

Learning in the last few years about the existence of the electric universe inspired me to see connections between all levels of life throughout the cosmos – even those we cannot see. Plants are the standard subject of textile tradition, their regular forms lending themselves to stylization for pattern making. Now I see those forms as connected with the electric universe,  they become amazing reflections of life.  If we time lapse a plant growing, it does so in spiral form, just as the solar system is travelling through the galaxy.

The excitement of each design project is always to show something unique and charming from each fresh photo or new study.  Aspects from photographs on this site may sometimes be used in designs: the flowers specifically for silk painting.  My self-brief is to combine images of nature’s geometry (seen in seeds, lichen) with forest and sea.  These will be digital artworks, offered as prints, and which I will get printed on sustainable fabric such as hemp, to embellish as hangings.  Some photography settings give 50″ actual size images, also suitable for murals; fixing printouts to boards with many layers of varnish.

Notes: Textile traditions. History plant exploration. Herbal plant and dye knowledge.


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